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Our Expertise

Tax rules have become increasingly complex, whether local, national or international taxation. Understanding these regulations and implementing them effectively is essential for any business or individual.


Our team of tax attorneys is committed to guiding you through these tax twists and turns and helping you navigate this complex tax landscape.

Taxation and asset optimization

Maître Nicolas Rozenbaum is able to provide you with an asset assessment in order to offer you solutions in relation to your objectives. 

This may, for example, concern the optimization of the transfer of your business or real estate, the protection of your spouse, your PACS partner, the protection of one of your children, the optimization of your employment contracts. 'life insurance... 

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Tax litigation​

Wherever you are located in France, our law firm specializing in tax litigation is able to assist you in all phases of your tax audit, regardless of the area covered.


Please feel free to email us at all  letter from the tax administration (proposal for rectification, request for information, etc.), so that we can give you our opinion.

Real estate taxation

Your real estate tax lawyer is able to advise you on your real estate projects.


For example, he will be able to advise you on the choice of the structure to adopt for your acquisition, and to support you when transferring a property.

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The office of Maître Nicolas Rozenbaum is able to advise you regarding any question relating to the transfer of all or part of your assets, whether for a fee or free of charge.

He can also advise you and defend your interests regarding any dispute with a co-heir.

International taxation​

Lecturer in international taxation, Maître Nicolas Rozenbaum is able to advise you and defend your interests on all aspects of international taxation (ownership of property or receipt of income abroad, etc.).

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Nuages ​​urbains

NR Avocats is able to advise you on choosing the best legal structure based on your project. 

He can deal with formalities related to the formation of companies and the drafting of statutes and shareholders' agreements.

Business transfer​

Whatever the mode of ownership of your business (business, sole proprietorship, company subject to corporate or income tax), Maître Nicolas Rozenbaum is able to assist you with the transfer of your business. this by advising you on the best legal and tax plan.

Nuages ​​urbains

Our tax law firm deals with several dozen tax returns and IFIs each year.


Its clientele is mainly made up of employees with stock options or free share allocations, SCI associates, artists receiving copyright or related rights (film actors).

Optimization of the company manager's remuneration​

Maître Nicolas Rozenbaum is able to advise you on optimizing your remuneration as a business manager (remuneration, dividends, etc.) both on a tax and social level.

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