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Your legal partner in international taxation;


As a tax law firm in Paris

Competent in international tax matters, we are committed to providing you with first-rate legal advice to help you fully understand the tax rules applicable to your situation.


The rules applicable to international taxation are complex to the extent that they come from numerous sources (general tax code, tax conventions, case law, administrative doctrine) and thus require the assistance of a tax lawyer. 

Our mission is to provide you with in-depth tax expertise in international taxation. We work closely with you to develop comprehensive tax strategies tailored to your specific needs. 

How can a tax lawyer help you with international taxes?

International taxation is a major concern for individuals who live abroad or have financial interests there. It also has an impact on companies involved in international transactions.

 A tax lawyer competent in international taxation deals in particular with the following subjects:

Regularization of your account abroad

Submission of a regularization file (amended income declaration, etc.).

Tax residence

Determination of your tax residence in the event of international mobility (expatriation, etc.)

Avoid double taxation

Implementation of rules to avoid double taxation thanks in particular to tax conventions

Tax return

Assistance with tax returns in an international context

International Succession Planning

Prepare the transfer of assets on an international scale, possibly minimizing inheritance taxes.

Ready to optimize your tax opportunities on a global scale?

If you have any questions regarding international taxation or need assistance managing your global tax obligations, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Contact a tax attorney knowledgeable in international taxes for a consultation.

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